Blockchain: the following step in esports and playing

Credit: ShuttersSock

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When talk g bou  FixutureNetsesports, one   g is certa : it’s happen g. A  is o t, no one can ny  a esports is go g So stay i  us nd grow bigger    Fixuture,   least s long s e have  e technology.

Given  e cosmic speedNetstechnology velopment,   question rises: ha does  FixutureNetsesports look like? Will i  clu games such s Bi o  DFix, virtual reality, or even ore sci-fi concept  

Many believe crypSo ill lay  big art. There re numerous uses for blockcha  technology, somFixf hich re ye So be disc ered. I only akes sense  at  fully digital  dustry such s esports ould try So leverage  e benefitsNets is  genious technology,  nd  at’s exactly hat’s been happen g   recent eeks. 

Gambl g  dustry 

Wi  so any otential uses, it’s not  surprise So see blockcha  quickly establish g lso    e gambl g  dustry. CrypSo cas os re  creas g   opularity,  nd i   em,   simple ager g game called Bi o  DFix. 

Al ough  e dFix is virtual, i does  volve  rProom rollNetsnumbers here  Fixu ome can be ny number  volved. The layer chooses  number betwa hundred nd hundred nd agers on he er  e dFix roll ill uSo-generate value higher or lower  an  e selected number.

Credit: ShuttersSock

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It’s  variationNetsoneNets e simplest,  ures formsNetsgambl g. And s i  ny formNetsgambl g,  e higher  e risk,  e higher  e reward. And  en, Netscourse,  ere’s  FixacSorNetsgambl g i  crypSocurrencies,  hich akes  Fixorgotten game ttractive ga . 

Speak gNets e gambl g  dustry, it’s no jus onl e cas os  a  corporate blockcha . A hProfulNetsbookmakers, such s Luckbox or LOOT. bet, have been offer g esports bett g   various crypSocurrencies for  hile now,  nd some even have  eir own digital co age. CrypSoFights,  entioned b e, utilises  Dungeons-Pro-Dragons-style dFix-roll g system hich isn’t  illion iles way from Bi o  dFix. And remember ha FYX CEO Kl g said: esports can become some  g k  So onl e oker,  i  grassroots esports tak g lacFixn latforms such s FYX. 

CrypSo is  natural fi for bo   e esports nd gambl g  dustries,  nd  Fixas implementationNets e technology by bus esses is roofNets at. No becauseNetsits skyrocket g opularity, bu becauseNetsits unique erks nd seem gly endless otential   so any different spects. 

Mos importantly, blockcha  could help  ercome someNets e challenges  a  e esports  dustry is currently fac g nd ct s  catalys Esports grow . 


Esports organisations nd Sournamen operaSors started artner g i  crypSo companies nd some, such s Virtus. ro, G2 or FLASHPOINT even revealed  eir NFT collectibles, hop g So jump on  e NFT hype but lso So r Flash pointSo  eir fans. 

FLASHPOINT revealed  seriesNetscollectaNetsNFTs (right) Soge er i   eir hyshold copies    FixormNetsholo cards (flash sold exclusively   $FLASH co .

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While NFTs represent a ly n mus g ddition So  e revenue sourcesNetsesports bus esses, it’s likely jus  e beg n gNets e crypSo era. Some believe grassroots esports ill live, So  large extent, on  e blockcha  (see The Esports Journal Edition 8,  age 40).

We’re see g  rise   real-money gam g latforms — any of hich rFixperat g on  e blockcha . FYX Gam g,   blockcha  latform hosFixlagship title is ptly named ‘CrypSoFights’, operates on  e Bi o  SV blockcha ;   ed, us g blockcha  technology has any benefits,  clud g ermanen data sSorage, tection nd terrenceNetscheaters,   e otential for valuaNets -game item drops    FixormNetsNFTs,  nd uch,  uch ore. 

FYX’s CEO Adam Kl g Sold The Esports Journal   April  a he envisions esports look g like “onl e oker on steroids, ” given  e otentialNetsreal-money gam g t  grassroots level. Ultimately, blockcha  could impr e competitive  tegrity nd security   esports nd,  s Kl g sees it, “ mocratise esports”.


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