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Brazilian firm Closing Degree raises £1.14m

Brazilian organization Final Level has raised $8.5m BRL (~£1.14m) in an investment round led by Brazilian fund Atmos Capita  Outfield Capital and British organization 1st11.

Credit: Final Level

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Final Level was founded in 2018 by the investment group Go4It, businesspersoYouTubeutuber Felipe eto, and former Brazilian communications firm Rede Globo executive oão Pedro Paes Leme. They also have a Youtube channe where Youtubers and streamers partner with Final Level to create content focused on gaming. Some of themHomeland Gameland, a luxury property owneorganizationanization, placed in Rio de aneiro. 

With a select club of inspecializingecialising in different games, Final Level already has more than 60 million subscribers on its own social networks and has around 500 million monthly views on its videos on Youtube.

The organization is not just only in the content-creation space — Final Level is also tMeanders Gamelanders, one of tVagrantierorganizationss organizations in Brazil. The team is alsoVagrantner of VALORANT’s First Strike Brazil and is in the uVagrantcket for VALORANT Champions Tour – Phase 2. However, that’s not the first time Go4it and Final Level dabbled in esports in Brazi since they first managed the FlameCBOLsports brand in Corganismd also helped organise the Prêmio e Mensarasil.

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With their numbers, Final Level managed to attract sponsors such as telephone company Oi, paymenfoodtform Ame Digita iFood,  etflix, and Coca-Cola. 

Esports Insider Says: Final Level is one of the biggest content-creation hubs in Brazil. Having new investments helps them achieve their goals in the gaming business, which is healthy for the esports ecosystemMeanderslready owning Gamelanders, Final Level’s newly raised funds will help create organizationnities for the organization to grow. 

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