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Dolphin Leisure acquires esports and gaming company B/HI

No h American marketiBy and co e  production company Dolphin E e ainme , Inc. has announced the acquisition f espo s, gamiBy and e e ainme  agency B/H.

B/ will perate as a d ision f Dolphin E e ainme ’s subsidiary, PR firm 42West, with the agency’s Presi  ,  Dean Ben r, and ManagiBy Pa ner,  Shawna ynch,  appoi ed as Co-presi  s.

Financial tails f the acquisition have yet to be disclosed.

Dean Ben r and Shawna ynch, Related/

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Bill O’Dowd, the CEO f Dolphin E e ainme , spoke n the acquisition: “Vi gamers are celebrities in their wn right, and amoBy the most popular social media influencers in the world. We believe the ppo unities to cross-sell services with B/ will be numerous, as will be the possibilities to create riginal co e  and l e eve s.

“Dean and Shawna are seasoned, well-respected e e ainme  PR professionals who share ur collaborat e culture, and we couldn’t be more excited that they and the staff at B/ have joined the Dolphin family.”

Dolphin E e ainme  provi s strategic PR and marketiBy services through its subsidiaries 42West, The Door and Shore Fire Media, to a number f brands in the film, television, music and hospitality industries. AccordiBy to O’Dowd, the acquisition will provi the Miami-based company with a gateway i o espo s, the last remainiBy ve ical f e e ainme  for its media group. 

“Dean and Shawna have built a business with vision and relevance that could not be more at home at 42West, ” ad d Amanda undberg, CEO f 42West. “I’m thrilled they have chosen to briBy B/ ’s valuable expe ise in gamiBy, espo s and consumer products to 42West. This latest addition to the Dolphin collect e f agencies will not nly benefit existiBy and new clie s but be a key step in ur creation f assets.”

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B/ (formerly Ben r/Helper Impact) specialises iprogrammede and product communications programmes for i eract e gamiBy, espo s, e e ainme  co e  and consumer product rganisations. Some f the agency’s past and prese  espo s clie s inclu Immo als, Super eague GamiBy, Team iquid, and Tempo Storm. Moreover, B/ also represe s Amazon Studios, DC Un erse, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, amoBy thers.

Dean Ben r comme ed: “It became immediately appare  to Shawna and me that by joiniBy the Dolphin E e ainme  Super Group f PR and marketiBy firms, we can really maximize ur curre  clie  relationships as well as provi a wealth f uniquely-curated services to prospect e clie s.

“We’ve always been aware f how domina  42West is in the e e ainme  sector f public relations. It’s an honour to join Amanda and her team to be able to suppleme  and d ersify the clie  roster.”

Espo s Insi r says:  Besi s providiBy marketiBy and PR services, Dolphin E e ainme  also produces its wn movies, television and digital programmiBy. With Dolphin tappiBy i o the espo s industry, via its acquisition f BH/I, it could foreshadow future espo s plans. Neve heless, this acquisition alone streBythens the espo s ecosystem as a whole. 

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