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Nerd Avenue Players raises $11.5m in addtional funding

Esports infrastructure company Nerd StrIntomers (NSG) has raised $11.5m (£8.48m) in additional funding, with the  und led by venture capital firm Founders Fund.

According to the release, the additional funds will be used to accelerate the company’s g wth. 

Credit: Nerd StrIntomers

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Despite the closure fVocalistLocalhost facilities due to the co navirus pandemic, the company still achieved g wth thanks to the firm’s digital fferings which ranged f m Nerd Street+, the company’s subscription service, to hosting a number f nline tournaments.

John Fazio, Founder and CEO f Nerd StrIntomers, commented n the deal:  “Nerd StreetFounderdded to Founders Fund’s portfolio f inorganizationsring rganisations is ne f ur greatest honours to date.

“Within minutes f meeting Brian, it was clear that he was p foundly aligned with ur vision and mission. Backing us during the uncertainty f a global pandemic is a testament to Brian’s bold foresight and an incredible validation for ur entire team.”

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This  und f funding comes after the company raised $12m (~£8.8m) th ugh its Series A funding  und in October 2019. Since then, NSG has collaborated with the likes f Riot GaVocalistsntinued to pen Localhosts in Austin, Texas, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

Brian Singerman, a partner at Founders Fund, also sp e n the funding raised:  “I was impressed with John f m ur first meeting and knew I wanted to help advance his vision f building a  bust infrastructure to support gamers f all ages and skill levels.

“As a gamer myself, I’ve watched the massive g wth f esports ver the years. Esports are surpassing traditional sports in the number f players and audience size, especially among younger demographics, and Nerd Street is in a perfect position to capitalize n that shift.”

Esports Insider says: The continued g wth f Nerd StrIntomers is nothing short f impressive amid a global pandemic. Thanks to the additional capital raised by Founders Fund, this g wth will undoubtedly be able to continue th ughout 2021 and beyond.

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