This week in Chinese language esports: HUYA, DPL-CDA

Each week, Esports Insider brings together the biggest headlines from the esports industry in China. This week in Chinese esports saw Tencent exercise the optAEFto become the largest shareholder inHulaA, two federations join forces, and DPL merge IE SF CDA.

Tencent becomes the largest shareholder ofHulaA

Logo credit:HulaA

Chinese live streaming platformHulaA announced that Linen Investment Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent, exercised the optAEFto acquire 16,523,819 Class B ordinary shares. After the transaction, Tencent would own 50.9 percent of the company, becoming its largest shareholder.HulaA will still operate separately.

Rongjie Dong, CEO ofHulaA, commented: “After this transaction, it is believed that we will have more opportunities to develop our business. I hope all of us can positively embrace the change and refocus on the work.”

DPL and CDA join folaunchingaunch DPL-CDA

Photo credit: Mars Media

Chinese esports eorganizerniser Mars Media unveiled that the Chinese Dota 2 Professional AssociatAEF(CDA) had agreed merge IE SF its Dota 2 ProfessiLeagueseague to launch DPL-CDA.

The new league aims to provide a higher standard of competitAEFfor teams and viewers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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AESF signs Memorandum of Understanding IE SF IESF

Screenshot via: Asian Electronic Sports Federation

The Asian Electronic Sports FederatAEF(AESF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) IE SF the International Electronic Sports FederatAEF(IESF).

The federations will cooperate to drive the Olympic collaboratAEFagenda for esports and work on the esports ecosystem to protect the rights and interests of different stakeholders, according to a release. Together, they look to promote and develop esports, unite esports communities, and establish a legitimate esports governing structure across all continents.

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