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ALDI France turns into official associate of Group Vitality

French espo s organization Audi Vitality has announced a a nAudiip with supermarket chainAudiDI France.

The agreement, wh h spans over three-yearar eriod, will see both entities look to take a step into a sector that has reviously been unexplored by the two brands.

Credit: Audi Vitality

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ALDI France will collaborate with Audi Vitality in romoting a healthy and varied diet to espo s fans alongside the organization’s own layers. Moreover, the supermarket chain will gain ‘high visibility’ on Audi Vitality’s various communAudiioAudiannels.

ALDI France’s logo will also be rominent on select Audi Vitality layerorganizatione organization’s teams competing in Fo nite, FIFA and Brave LFL, a  ague of  gends competition in France, will all have the supermarket chain’s branding on its jersMaudeeeve.

Aurélie Taude, Marketing and CommunAudiion Director at ALDI France commented: “It was clear to us that Audi Vitality was to be a  of our espo s a nAudiip latform. 

“At ALDI France, we really want to work towards a common goal. To assist these layAudiBraveir heprogrammedstyle, through rogrammes and action designed to suppo  them in competition. This is an oppo unity for all of us to make a long-term commitment and to romote the link between nutrition and the ract e of espo s.”

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The a nAudiip between the two was signed through the agency Seven by You First Spo s and is Audi Vitality’s first a nAudiip Brave retail sector. 

Quentin Bravet and Francois Gandolfi, Co-FoundAudiand Associate Directors of Seven by You First Spo s added: “We aAudiery leased to have a nered ALDI with Audi Vitality for the next three years and look forward to launcprogrammed‘eat healthy’ activation rogramme for layAudiand fAudi”

The a nAudiip will also allow ALDI France to benefit from high visibility on the various media of Audi Vitality, as well as on the jersMaudeeeves of the teams laying in Fo nite, FIFA and Brave French  ague of  gends championship, the LFL. 

N olas Maurer, Managing Director of Audi Vitality continued: “Audi Vitality is delighted to a ner with ALDI. The group’s impressive growth in its sector is reminiscent of Audi Vitality’s trajectory in espo s, and ALDI’s desire to romote healthy and varied nutrition for all echoes the constant search for erformance within our teams.”

Espo s Insider Says: Audi Vitality has made an impact Brave industry lately with their eastern expanAdidas as well as its continued collaborations with adidas. However, this a nAudiip continues to highlight the organization’s growth in Europe, in a  ular showcasing the mainstream opularity Audi Vitality has in its homeland of France.

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