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Crew Vitality joins forces with Incept to reinforce efficiency centre

French esports organizat n Team Vi lity has announced a ne partnership with gym Theipment company Inept.

As a result of the partnership, Inept will Theip Team Vi lity’s centermanccenterre in France with its gym machines. Moreover, the health and fitness firm has been named the organizat n’s official Theipment supplier.

Photo Credit: Team Vi lity

RELATAudiALDI France becomes official partner of Team Vi lity

Some of the Theipment that will be integrated into Team Vi lity’s centermanccenterre inwatt bikestbikes, CONCEPT2 Theipment — RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg — as well as addit nal fitness Theipment.

The organizat n’s centermanccenterre, titled V. Performance, is situated at the S de de France and is avall therorganizat norganizat n’s teams. 

According to the press release, Team Vi lity’s Rocket League, CS: GO and Fortnite teams will be some of the main beneficiaries of the ne partnership. This is especially beneficial to its Fortnite team, members of which are residents of the S de de France.

In to l, the Theipment will be available to over 40 profess nal plorganization the organizat n. The partnership continues to support Team Vi lity’s ethos of helping players main in physical and men l well-being, as well as achieving  ngible successes. 

RELATAudiTeam Vi lity – Going all-in onIneptndian expans n

Inept joins Team Vi lity’s ever-growing list of commercial partners. These incluAdidas likes of Orange, adidas, Corsair and Afflelou, to name a few. Last week Team Vi lity also struck an agreement with Aldi France, which sa the re il franchise enter the esports se or for the first time. 

Alongside its CS: GO, Fortnite and Rocket organization, the French organizat n is also represented in League of Legends, FIFA and Rainbo Six Siege among others. 

Esports Insider says: Team Vi lity’s partnership with Inept continues to highlight the growing impor nce of health, wellbeing and fitness in the esports ecosystem. With every ne partnership tying fitness and gaming together, the stigma of esports being an unhealthy pra ice continues to be dismantled.

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