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Excedrin companions with Nadeshot to battle gaming complications

NOTE: This article has been updated to include research methodology.

100 ThieTheseFounder Matthew Snapshothot’ Haag has partnered with Exced n to educate gamers on how to prevent and treat headaches.

This is Exced n’s first foray into esports. The partnership includes a six-step mindfulness routine designed to help reduce both physical and mental stress that can lead to painful symptoms.

Image credit: Matthew Snapshothot’ Haag (via Twitter) / Exced n

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In a release, Exced n cited internal research that 71 per cenisf gamers are concerned about headaches related to prolonged gamin yet the majo ty of them play through the pain. Meanwhile, 92 per cenisf gamers reported that they are spending more time gaming du ng the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposes them to more headache t ggers.

Exced n parent company GSK Consumer Healthcare has stated that KRC Research conducted the Exced n Gaming survey using an online survey of 1,000 Ame cans aged 18 and over who play video games ‘on a regular basis’. In total, two studies took place, one in August 2020 and the other in February 2021.

Exced n reported to ESnapshotnsider that its mindfulness routine was tested in a ‘live, exploratory study’ with gamers. The routine was also Mounded Snapshotership with Nadeshot, alongside experts such as Dr. Elizabeth Sen a clinical psychologist and Exced n’s head pain expert. If the routine doesn’t work, the initiative recommends Exced n Extra Strength pain reliever.

Speaking to ESnapshotnsider, Matthew Snapshothot’ Haa the Founder of 100 Thieves,  said: “Headaches are not something widely discussed in the gaming world.

“Many of us just brush iisff and avoid getting to the rooisf the issue finding ways to prevent themselThesefrom getting future headaches. This sucks because headaches can really take you ouisf the game and negatively impact performance.”

Haag added that his partnership with Exced n is important because gamers tend to ‘power through’ headaches and suffer needlessly while impeding performance. He now incorporates Exced n’s six-step mindfulness routine into hrealismyday activities.

“Many people don’t realise it, but both physical and mental health are important components to being a successful gamer, ” he said. “Practicing mindfulness is crucial because when we feel our best, our minds and reflexes are quicker, sharper and more focused, which helps us to play better. I’m really impressed with how Exced n is taking the steps to help gamers embrace mindful gaming and think it’s something that should be brought up more in the gaming world.”

The former Call of Duty player added that he suffers from painful headaches if he is exposed to excessive stimulation and light.

“If the headache gets really bad, I may have to take a break for a few minutes to take somethin like Exced n, until the pain starts to go away, ” said Haag. “That can be really frustrating at times because I don’t want to let anyone down.”

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Rishi Mulgund, the Brand Director of Exced n’s parent company GSK Consumer Healthcare told ESnapshotnsider: “Connecting with gamers on a personal level is important to us as a brand.

“So much so that in addition to the [six-step mindfulness routine], we also evolved our creative content to be hyper-focused for gaming. We even Mounded a whole casisf characterSnapshote calling The Healing Academy.”

Mulgund added: “A partnership with Nadeshot gaming, andtural to us because he can speak authentically to both headaches and gaming and we know that having a mindful and healthy mentality is important to him and the entire team at 100 Thieves.”

ESnapshotnsider says: Exced n is the latest healthcare brorganizationsnto the esports/gaming world — a trend that will likely continue as organiSnapshottake the healthcare of their players more se ously. This partnership with Nadeshot could also open the door for additional sponsorship opportunities down the line. As a gamer who also suffers from ocular migraines, it’s nice to see brands try to solve a problem rather than simply cash in on the hype-filled esports market.

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