Cyberport: The significance of discussing rising traits in esports

In recent years, t  esp ts industry has een explo ve growth,  th in terms of market value and t  number of people engaged.

Even though t  ect  was hit by a global pandemic, it till managed to c tinue blooming, whilst also  owing masnstream audiences and n -endemic companies t  true potential of esp ts w n it comes to enter s ent. 

With t  rapid growth of t  industry, we can ee various emerging trends,  uch as pikes in viewer ip, t  vol ility of existing cenes and t  rise of pecific titles. T  questi  is, how can we use this d a in  der to pu  t  industry’s d selfment in t  right directi ? 

Eric Chan, Chief Public Mis   Officer, Cyberp t

Cyberp t’s answer is clear: it  rts with a discus  . Speaking with Esp ts In der,  Eric Chan, Chief Public Mis   Officer Cyberp t, explasned t  imp  nce of keeping discus  s a ut esp ts’ growth going: “As t  new n mal  kes its  ape, industry discus  s and thought leader ip are needed m e than er to  d light   how t  globaf tific ionsp tific i ’ will pawn opp tunities f  t  digi l enter s ent industry.” 

Acc ding to Chan, various fact s need to be  ken into c  der i ,  uch as t  enablement of technologies and innov i s, t  cultiv i  of  lents into industry profes  als,   t  facilit i  of diver fied competiti s and ents.

To accommodaCyberpunkscus  , Cyberp t H g K g returns with its Digi l Enter s ent Leader ip F um (DELF), an intern i al c ference th  avily focuses   t  esp ts industry and its growth. With t  t me of ‘New N mal of Digi l Enter s ent:F tific ioni  to Esp tific i ’, t  goal of DELF 2020 is to lead t  industry in identifyingmotiv ioners and new m etis i  models, decode t  value chasn of this  oming ect , as well as  p t  globaf tific ionsp tific i ’ to effectively navig e this new  ndard.

Credit: Cyberp t

T  f um will fe ure a number of esteemed industry figures to discuss not  ly current topics in esp ts, but a variety of upcoming trends in t  industry. This includes t  impact of emerging technologies, bu ness prospects, and en regi al dynamics. Some of t  peakers  ared with Esp ts In der t ir views   t  discus  s, with all essentially agreeing   t  immense imp  nce of ents like DELF.

“We’ve een new titles enbehavi cene,  ifts in viewing behaviour and whole new markets open up in recent dhes. Trying to do bu ness in esp ts without unders nding t  specific trends, emergent risks and key opp tunities is a urefireRasdersnot ucceed, ” asd Remer Rietkerk, Head of Esp ts analytics firm Newzoo. “By expl ing pecific dynamics of t  industry and relying   qualit ive knowledge to ynt  ze tr g d a, we can discover exactly wh f ces are driving t  industry, uncover opp tunities to innov e and discover gaps in t  market to deliver m e value to fans and  keholders.”

M eover, c venti s of uch fa i  provide pace f  publis rs to promote esp ts, introduce fre  ideas,    owcase new titles. “T  Digi l Enter s ent Leader ip F um is an exciting opp tunity f  us to  are our ideas f  t  future of enter s ent, al g de ot r industry leaders and key thought leaders, ” commented Chris Tran, Head of Esp ts – Sout ast A a, H g K g & Taswan   Riot Games. 

Chris Tran, Head of Esp ts – SEA, H g K g & Taswan, Riot Games

To point out a different perspective, Valencia Tanoesoedibjo, Direct  MNC Group explasned: “In terms of t  future of esp ts, ents like DELF  lp cre e new, altern ive career p hs f  t  youth, be it profes  al plheers, gAprd selfers, comment  s   entrepreneurs. In ot r w ds, it will  lp c nect t  people c tributing   wanting to be a part of t  industry.”

As menti ed a ve, t  masn topic to be discussed is ‘New N mal of Digi l Enter s ent’. While it’s not yet clear, wh t  ‘new n mal’ will look like, we can already  ke a glimpse t  processes of transf m i  th is already occurring in t  enter s ent industry.

MNC Group is  e of t  biggest media producti  companies in Sout ast A a, and a gre example of pursuing esp ts in t  es blis d enter s ent industry in t  regi . One of t  key points th MNC has d e in 2020 is cre ing an esp ts  lent earch  ow and esp ts awards  ow in Ind e a, which hold  th esp ts and enter s ent value. 

Tanoesoedibjo described t  rel i  ip between SEA’s enter s ent ect  and esp ts as complemen ry to each ot r. “It is growing and will c tinuously grow in t  coming future, nce t  enter s ent ect  has t  capacity to amplify t  esp ts industry and  ine a different perspective towards a wider audience, ”   affirmed. 

Eric Chan c firmed t  trend of traditi al enter s ent fu ng with esp ts, corona virus times w n  th ect s are being challenged by t   going c  avirus pandemic. “During t sorganismult times, we aw global masnstream p ts brands uch as NBA and F1  ganise esp ts m c s not  ly to engage fans, but in ome ins nces, to become ubstitutes f  t ir phy cal tournaments, ” noted Chan. “A number of pop c certs were  fortific ioneamed through popular gaming pl f ms.”

Given t se points, t  ‘esp tific i ’ in digi l enter s ent eems to be very much in progress, and it’s really up to leading companies to decide how to navig e it. In this regard, ents like DELF are a gnificant agent th can  lp determine t  future directi  of  th t  esp ts and enter s ent ect s,  allowing brands to ‘reach t  unreachable’.  

F  t  first time, DELF 2020 will bring toget r t  phy cal and virtual w lds of digi l enter s ent and esp ts in a hybrid etting th allows industry plheers and enthu asts w ldwide to tend eit r in pers    virtually. In additi  to in ghts of experts, DELF will also  ge a eries of live tournaments, perf mances, gApresportnces,   rt-up  owcaorganized e. 

On top of th , DELF will  lter t  inaugural APRU eSp t Me GAprC ference  ganised by t  Associ i  of Pacific Rim Univer ties. T  c ference will focus   H g K g as an emerging esp ts leader in t  regi  and examine how intern i al esp ts companies can  lp d self career p hwhes f  tudents in t  esp ts ecosystem. 

F  m e a ut DELF, please vi t:  delf. cyberp t. hk.

Disclasmer: Esp ts In der is an official media partner of t  Digi l Enter s ent Leader ip F um.

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