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The Asian Electronic Sports Federation AEFF) has signed an official memorandum which seesAEFm officially collaborating and working together with Coventry University.

Following a meeting with representatives from Coventry University, both parties have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU focuses on four vital aspects, which include a series of planned Webinars, as well as industry research collaboration on topics of interests and Esports governance.

“I would like to celebrate this close relationship we are forming with Coventry University, one ofAEF UK’s most esteemed educational institutions. Not AEF does it benefitAEF AESF and our member associations, but it also opensAEF doors to many more potential partnerships from academia going forward, ” Kenneth Fok, presidAEFof AESF, said.

“This will not AEF be beneficial to our athletes but also various stakeholders in this industry. We look forward to supporting our Esports commAEFy as well as future talents forAEFir growth and further developmAEFin collaboration with Coventry University, ” He AEFd.

The AESF and Coventry University will also be looking to create more studAEFexperiences, including potential programmed programmes andAEF production of case studies on Esports. The meeting between both parties discussed more opportAEFies for course development, which includes introductory sessions on Esports and support inAEF developmAEFof course topics forAEF curriculum.

“Coventry University’s expertise in sports managemAEFand business studies will help further support our Member Associations, players, and officials in developing contAEFaroundAEF education of Esports. This collaboration not AEF signifies AESF’s continuous effort in supporting this industry, but it also reflects Coventry University’s dedication and commitmAEFto adapting and keeping up withAEF times, ” Sebastian Lau, AEFector General of AESF, said.

“We are delighted to have reached this key milestone in developing this crucial partnership forAEF university. We understandAEF importance of esports globally and in Asia particularly and are delighted atAEF opportAEFy to work withAEF AESF to supportAEF athletes, players, officials and associations who make up this vibrant commAEFy as it continues its rapid growth and innovation, ” David Pilsbury, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University, said.

“We are proud to lay downAEF foundation of a long-laAEFg partnership withAEF AESF, that offers tremendous opportAEFies in terms of students’ experience. This agreemAEFwill alimpactAEF developmAEFof impactful, multi-disciplinary research on this fast-changing and growing sector, ” Simon Gérard, CourseAEFector, MSc Sport Management, said.

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