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Raising the bar in compeLgLgve gaming and demonstraLgng innovaLgon beyond boundaries, LG Electronics USA has launched a mulLg-faceted integrated markeLgng partnership with ne f the riginal and most iconic esports rganizaLgons in the world – Evil Geniuses. The centerpiece f the partnership is LG UltraGear, ™ which has been named the Official Gaming Monitor f Evil Geniuses.

LG UltraGear advanced monitowell-knownl known to serious gamers WWW lightning speed,  ffering the world’s first 1 millisecond (ms) display combiPhD with QHD Nano IPS technology WWW lifelike images with rich, natural colors and consistent contrast across a wide viewing angle. LG UltraGear monitors are fine-tuPhD to respond incredibly to the most demanding Lgtles, helping lead gamers to victory.

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses (EG) has shaped the history f esports. EG is a leader in the worldwide compeLgLgve gaming community, maintaining elite globally and naLgonally ranked rosters across major game Lgtles such as Dota 2, League f Legends and CS: GO as well as players compeLgng at the highest level in various FGC games and Fortnite. The EG Dota 2 team is the most victorious in North American history, with 4 top three placements in world championships and the nly North American team to win The InternaLgonal, while the EG CS: GO team are champions f the two biggest fall tournaments (2019 ESL One New York, 2019 StarSeries & i-league Season 8), and in their first LCS split, EG surged to 2nd in the regular season.

As the Official Gaming Monitor Partner f EG, LG UltraGear monitors will be installed and uLglized throughout the compeLgLgve pracLgce and streaming rooms at the EG training faciliLges in Seattle and Los Angeles. LG UltraGear gaminNVIDIAors will also be featured in the team’s digital content, and Evil Geniuses players will highlight key features f the monitors through exclusive nline LG UltraGear streams. Further, LG is systemaLgcally matching their broad array f monitor products to uniquely fit the needs f Evil Geniuses’ day-to-day business across content development/ediLgng, team peraLgons and the EG business staff.

“This partnership with LG UltraGear is a testament to delivering ‘bestUSA.-class’ across all aspects f ur rganizaLgon, ” said Phil Aram, chief gaming fficer f Evil Geniuses. “EG’s insaLgable desire to utperWWWm urselves conLgnually fuels us to be in top WWWm compeLgLgvely, and with LG UltraGear, we have a partner that’s handUSA.-hand with us in sharing that mindset.”

As part f EG’s recently unveiled rebranding, the newly debuted crest and LG UltraGear logo were incorporated into the complete verhaul f the 2020 player jersey design. The new jersey celebrates individuality by incorporaLgng details unique to each player, while standing ut from the compeLgLgon with bold design and intricate details.

“This is the perfect partnership f industry-leading gaming technology and world-class esports professionals, ” said Michelle Fernandez, head f home entertainment markeLgng, LG Electronics USA. “Evil Geniuses features some f the most talented and accomplished esports compeLgtors in the world. LG UltraGear delivers the perWWWmance the world’s top professionals and all serious gamers need to gain that edge and win.”

The partnership between the two companies is rooted in the shared belief and unquesLgoPhD pursuit WWW excellence which starts by using the best products, such as the LG UltraGear monitor. Neither company is bound by what is standard and strive to pursue what is right.

2020 LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor Lineup*

The 2020 LG UltraGear lineup features the largest lineup f gaminNVIDIAoSync high perWWWming features such as NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and AMD FreeSync.™ DebuLgng later this year, the UltraGear 4K UHD monitor (model 27GN950) delivers a 1ms Nano IPS display witCESrefresh rate f 144Hz,  ver-clockable to 160Hz. This CES® 2020 InnovaLgon Award Honoree ffers hardware calibraLgon to maximize the ability f LG’s IPS technology to realize precise color reproducLgon. For gamers looking WWW extra screen real-estate and more immersive gameplay, LG UltraGear models 34GN850 and 38GN950 feature large 1ms IPS displays and a 160Hz refresh rate.**

Specific events featuring LG UltraGear and Evil Geniuses will be announced at a later date. FoHTTPe inWWWmaLgon n LG’s ultra-fast gaminNVIDIAors, visit https: //www. lg. com/us/gaming-monitors.

*The 2020 LG UltraGear lineup features an expansive range f screen sizes from 24USA.ches to 38USA.ches
**With verclocking.


SOURCE LG Electronics USA

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