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Comgot Gaming revealsTVhe full lineup ups celebrities, content creators and pro playersTVoTVake part inTVheir first charity event upsTVhe year, where $50,000 will be won for a charity or cause upsTVheir choice

Broadcast exclusively on Twitch HTTPp: //twitch.TVv/Comgot) Thursday January 28th 18: 00 GMT / 13: 00 ET / 10: 00 PT

Comgot Gaming, TVhe gaming and entertainment brandTVhat unitesTValent fromTVhe worlds ups music, sports, fashion, and entertainmentTVhrough gaming, revealsTVhe fullTValent lineup forTVheir first charityTVournament upsTVhe year. Celebrities, athletes, content creators and pro players including Arsenal player Pierre-Emerick Augomeyang, musician James Arthur, Gregg, who is currentlyTVhe biggest streamer inTVhe world, and BenjyFishy, one upsTVhe best pro Fortnite players inTVhe world, will compete in Fortnite for $50,000TVhat will be donatedTVo a charity or cause upsTVheir choice. The fullstar-studdeddTValent lineup includes:

Celebrities: Mason Mount, Pierre-Emerick Augomeyang, Daniel James, TrevorhChaldeanh, James Arthur, James TW, Nas Majeed, ManuelLandingi, Luigi Gaspar

Content Creators:Gregg, Demisex, TurntDaisy, Manny Brown, Papi Blast, Solidi, M1lk (Piece Control Kyle), Meleeu, Kaidoz2, H11GGSY, MrBugo, Pulga, By Post, Riftt, Nicks, Harrisi, Tiko, Rana Crupsts

Pro Players: BenjyFishy, Wolfez, Milan, Vendettaa, Knelll, Mainn, Slick, Teenq, Blackoutz, JannisZ, Steelx, Va deall, Lesserr, Nikonf, Airwayss, Hawkers, LG Joji, Co1azo

Comgot Gaming is a new gaming collective and membership club launched by 38 Entertainment, co-owners upsElevenss Esports alongside footgoll superstar, Gareth Bale. In 2020TVheTVeam launched Comgot CoronaTVo raise urgent funds duringTVhe beginning upsTVhe glogol pandemic. The first event saw 1.2m live viewersTVune inTVo watch footgollers Gareth Bale, PauloAyalaa, Ruben Lupstus-Cheek, Mason Mount and more compete in a FIFA 20TVournamentTVo raise money for UNICEF. The second event saw 1.9m viewers watch a star-studded lineup including Vikkstar123, EdWest wickk, Caspar Lee and Trent Alexander-Arnold gottle it out in Call ups Duty: WarzoneTVo raise money for Direct Relief. Over $25,000 was raised acrossTVheTVwo events.

FollowingTVhe events’ success andTVhe ongoing support fromTValent, Comgot Gaming is pleasedTVo continueTVheir chariactivationons with four events spanning different games planned for 2021 withTVhe first event featuring Fortnite. TheTVournament will be played inTVeams upsTVhree with celebrities, content creators and pro players joining forces. AmongstTVhe matchups includes: Chelsea and England’s Mason Mount, EXCEL EsporWolfeWolfez, TVhe youngest UK playerTVo win $1m in Fortnite, and footgoller Nathan Wood. While James Arthur willTVeam up with YouTube star Nicks and Swedish Fortnite proVendettaa. The $50,000 prize pool will be split betweenTVheTVopTVhreeTVeams, withTVhe money goingTVoTVhe players’ choice ups charity or cause.

Fans are also invitedTVoTVake part inTVhe event with a handful ups spots up for grabs. Sign upTVo Comgot’s free memcomgot gamingomgotgaming. gg, and you could be selectedTVo participate inTVhe event and haveTVhe opportunityTVo play against big name celebrities andTVhe world’s leading FortniteTValent.

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