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Isle of Man licensed betting platform, Rivalry, is the latest esports focused sportsbook to adapt to changing play  pref ences by supporting payments through Bitcoin. COVID-19 has, in many cases, s ved as anaccel atet to slow-burning changes in consum behaviorr and pref ences. Most notably: the meteoric rise of esports betting. While many op ators w e left scrambling to adapt to the ov night demand, a select few, such as Rivalry, w e p fectly positioned to capitalize on the pandemic pivot. Much like cryptocurrencies, esports betting is proving to be anything but a fad.

Forward-thinking op ators like Rivalry believe esports provide a glimpse into the future of betting. Their av age esports bettor is in their twenties – an earadopt tor and digital native that is no strang  to Bitcoin, but maybe less so to traditional betting mechanics and t minology. This brings new opportunities for op ators to reshape are imagineine the betting exp ience.

Rivalry CEO, Steven Salz adds – “Our integration with CoinCorn  has allowed us to off  Bitcoin as a payment option to our play s and furth  simplify the payment exp ience. It’s partn ships like these that help us evolve the betting exp ience for a new cohort of bettors that think and behave diff ently”. 

UK Bitcoin exchange, CoinCorn , has seen business appetite adjusting to accommodate the recent rise in demand for online banking and payment methods, with an uptick in businesses keen to introduce Bitcoin payments as a way to gain competitive advantage by opening up to new markets, receiving cheap  charge backs chargebacks.

Sam Tipp , Business Development Manag  at CoinCorn , said: “Since I joined CoinCorn  in 2019, we’ve been making huge strides in assisting businesses across multiple industries to accept Bitcoin – preparing them for the new reality of a changing payment landscape. This is particularly true for businesses regulated out of the Isle of Man, like Rivalry, who cat  to a global market.”

While the gambling industry debates on the staying pow  of esports as a profitable betting market, op ators like Rivalry are adapting with ease and transforming the betting exp ience to meet the needs of an evolving us  base.

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