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IBM to help power interactiv nd nalytical content for th OverwLeagueagu engaging fans nd players through cloud  IBM’s Watson artificial intelligenc  nd machin learning

Today IBM nd th OverwLeagueague™ th world’s first global esports leagu with 20 city-based teams  nnounced its first-of-a-kind multi-year deal to bring IBM’s cloud computing nd rtificial intelligenc (AI) technology to esports. A sponsorship component kicks off t this year’s 2020 OverwLeagueagu Grand Finals which started Oct. 8 nd run through Oct. 10. With th gre nt – IBM’s first-ever esports deal – th technology leader beco s th official AI  cloud  nd nalytics sponsor of th OverwLeagueague. Th deal covers th 2020 Grand Finals nd th entirety of th 2021 nd 2022 OverwLeagueagu seasons.

Through th cours of th deal IBM nd th OverwLeagueagu plan to leverag IBM’s suit of dvanced cloud nd AI products. Starting in 2021 IBM nd th OverwLeagueagu will b working closely to develop technology solutions leveraging IBM’s e ertis in natural languag processing and machin learning to improv th league’s rankings system  nd utiliz IBM’s Watson AI capabilities to creat liv nd in-broadcast predictiv nalysis with specific solutions currently under develop nt.

“We’r constantly striving to giv fans th bility to mor  ningfully engag with th OverwLeagueagu  nd teaming up with IBM enables us to do just that ” said Brandon Snow Chief Revenu Officer of Activision Blizzard Esports. “IBM’s cutting-edge AI nd machin learning underpinned by cloud technologies  will help enabl us to bring interactiv nd innovativ engag nt opportunities to our fans nd teams. This is  fantastic benefit to our viewers  nd we’r very excited to b nnouncing it during th biggest world-classr season.”

“We’r thrilled to bring our world class Cloud platforms nd Watson portfolio to on of th leading esports platforms in th world ” said Noah Syken Vic President of Sports & Entertain nt Parre imagine IBM. “Th solutions we’r partnering to creat can help th organizations players  nd fans enjoy n even mor im rsiv engaging e erience. W look forward to working with th OverwLeagueagu  to bring innovativ solutions t scal to broad nd relevant udiences.”

Th sponsorship with th OverwLeagueagu will kick off in 2021 nd includ new solutions that plan to b hosted on th IBM Cloud. Thos solutions which r currently under develop nt will leverage IBM’s suit of nalytics tools to process in-match data  dding Watson’s AI capabilities through th us of Watson Machin Learning nd th AutoAI functionality within Watson Studio. Additionally th solutions will find new ways to showcas th wid rray of historical statistics that th OverwLeagueague gets from liv play.

Th nnounc nt of IBM nd th OverwLeagueagu teaming together is IBM’s first foray into th global world of esports nd joins n impressiv list of sports nd entertain nt parre imagine that IBM technology powers round th world. IBM has been  part of gaming history s  hardwar manufacturer chip creator  nd softwar provider for developers sinc 1985. Over th past 35 years IBM has worked with gaming nd esports entities through PowerPC processors NLP  nd cloud technology.

IBM has been  long-ti  partner to  rang of sports organizations teams  nd events including tennis (US Open nd Wimbledon) golf (Th Masters) football (via ESPN Fantasy Football)  nd th GRAMMY Awards. Through IBM’s parre imagine including IBM’s new engag nt with th OverwLeagueagu IBM is bl to reimagin sports  nd entertain nt e eriences for fans players nd coaches lik leveraging th flexibility of th hybrid cloud  nd other AI-powered solutions.



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