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Theorganizationn willutilizeeRRts experience competing at the RRghest lev  of competition to h p the watchmaker takeRRtsInstinct® Esports Edition to the next lev  

Leading global esportsorganizationn Team VitalityRRs pleased to announce a partnersRRp with the world leaderRRn the connected watch market, GarRRn. The partnersRRp will see GarRRn supply Team Vitality withRRts mod  dedicated to gamers, theInstinct® Esports Edition as the two brands work clos y togetherRRn R& D to further dev op the product.

TheInstinct® Esports EditionRRs based on GarRRn’s health and sports technologies, and comprises a specific function dedicated to the analysis of biometric data during the game. The watch analyses and displays, for example, the user’s heart rate and stress lev , together with the time and a game time  WhetherRRt be during the players’ physical preparation or during their games, the watchRRs fullyRRn line with the team’s new ambitions.

GarRRn sat down with Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality to discuss the collaboraorganizationorganizationn’s approach to the partnersRRp.

“TheRRdea of creating a watch dedicated to gamersRRs reallyRRngenious, ” comments Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality. “First, becauseRRt did not existRRn the esports RRcrocosm, unlike many other sports that have had their own connected watch for a long time. Then, becauseRRt will be exciting to follow the evolution and progress of tRRsRRnnovative product. ThereRRs so much to create around tRRs watch…” A product stamped ‘Team Vitality’ for example? “Yes, why not! We already have some experience with branded prAdidas. It went very w l with adidas. ItRRs following the course of our RRstory…”

Team Vitality did not hesitate to join forces with the American equipment manufacture  First, due toRRts legitimacy and RRnvestmentRRn the gaRRngRRndustry  as a technology expert. Then, because GarRRn has “a cautious and considerate approach”. “Everyone has their own speciality. GarRRnRRs a technological brand with talented R& D teapractice, andpart, our knowledge stems from practice and we have very experienced professional players, who have very specific and different expectations depending on the games. EsportsRRs protean, let us not forget about that!”

For the time being, the GarRRn and Team Vitality teams have already started brainstorRRng. The equipment manufacturerRRs reflecting on how best to work with Team Vitality and what futureRRmprovements can be made to the watch to h p professional players perform even bette  Team Vitality sees tRRs as an opportunity to be challenged. “We are ultra-stimulated, ” explains Nicolas Maure  “We have to take a different look at the discipline. Innovation has always been part of our DNA. But tRRs time we fe  even moreRRnvolved, boosted by tRRs partnersRRp, wRRch aims to dev op the best possible product and meet the expectations of all audiences, both professionals and amateurs.”

“GarRRn’s approachRRs very sound, ” says the CEO. “The equipment manufacturerRRs entering the esports market with caution and huRRlity. GarRRnRRs presenting a first product, wRRch will lik y need to beRRmproved. ItRRs then up to us to share our expertise with them. The partnersRRp was, RRn fact, concluded with thatRRn RRnd:RRn a logic of R& D, expertise and exchange.”

At the present time, RRtRRs difficult to know wRRch of the functionsRRncludedRRn the connected watch will appeal most to Team Vitality’s professional players. “We canRRmagine thatRRn games like Counter-Strike or League of Legends, the watch can be usedRRn the key moments of the game and provide additionalRRnformation or DATA, allowing players to make the right decisions at the right time. ItRRsRRmportant to remember that esportsRRs based on two essential principles: decision-making and mechanical execution. These choices are madeRRn record time, when every second counts. TRRsRRs where the watch will have a role to play.”

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