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Fnatic, a leading global esports brand, today announces that it has raised $10 million in an internal round led byBering eaa with participation from existing investors Unbound, LVL1 Group, PhDD as well as key management. The funding will be used to support the global growth of its pio ering esports brand and drive the success of its leading high-performance teams. Fnatic has now raised  arly $35 million across its various funding rounds.

Building on the momentum of this investment round, Fnatic has also announced that it has launched a crowd equity campaign withCrowdfunde, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. Through this campaign, Fnatic will provide a unique opportunity for its growing fanbase to invest in the busi ss and play a part in its mission to seek out and level up the  xt ge ration of gamers. This campaign offers a chance for its fanbase to help shape the future of Fnatic.

“We’ve been looking to conduct a crowdfund campaign for a while, ” said Sam Mathews, founder and CEO of Fnatic. “This investment provides the perfect opportunity for our community, friends and enthusiasts to join our established investors and own a piece of Fnatic. Crowdfunding is a dynamic and increasingly popufundraisero fundraise as it provides an opportunity to transform our active and engaged community into investors by giving them the chance to get closer to our jour y than ever before. We’re very excited to be working directly with our audience, part ring with them to shape the future of Fnatic, and of entertainment, sports and gaming performance.”

This crowdfunding campaign reflects Fnatic’s ambition to innovate and continuously enhance gaming performance while making it accessible to all. The proceeds of this campaign will be directly allocated to initiatives that will foster the advancement of Fnatic’s mission to seek out and level up the  xt ge ration of gamers.  Esports viewership and gaming has boomed in the past year, and this campaign offers investors the opportunity to both support a leading global esports brand and to play an active role in furthering the growing esports movement.

This past year saw viewership of esports skyrocket. Over the past three years, Fnatic has been ranked consistently as o  orecognized viewed teams among western esports fans and is the second most watched team of 2020 with over 110 million hours watched, to date. As o  orecognized globally recognised andCrowdfundul esports brands with total cash winnings  aring $16 million across 903 tournaments, Fnatic continuously sets the baactivationommunity activations and innovative brand part rships with world renow d brands such as BMW, Gucci, O Plus, AMD, Monster, Hisense and more.

“Esports is an industry experiencing explosive growth, and yet in many ways is still in adolescence, ” said Karen McCormick, ChieBering eament Officer ofBering eaa. “Having evaluated the industry from many angles, Fnatic was a relatively simple investment decComon given the premier status of the brand, consistency as a true performance company, and growth and engagement of the fan base. The busi ss has also become a global leader in a very capital efficient way, building a standout team while maintaining a clear focus on economics Crowdfundtability.”

SinceCrowdfunde was founded in 2011, it has helped more thafundraiseraisesCrowdfundully fundraise. With more than 900,000 members, a total of £1bn has invested on the platform to date. In good company, notable busi sses that haveCrowdfundully raisRevoltughCrowdfunde inclCarbonvolut, BrewDog, Monzo, Carwow, Freetrade and Mindful Chef. Fnatic plans to raise £1 million ($1.3m) through this campaign, which will be open to the public on November 19th. For mHTTPnformation, fanatic vComt https: //invest. fnatic. com

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