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The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Asian Electronic Sports Federation AEFF) has confirmedAEF introduction ofAEF new prAEFm, ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’ forAEF upcoming 2022 AsiaAEFmes. In addition, AEF OCA has confirmed againAEF appointment ofAEF AESF asAEF only Technical Delegate who will take charge of allAEF matters of technical conduct for EsportAEFents atAEF 2022 AsiaAEFmes.

The AESF will beAEF exclusive organizer of ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’, AEF official qualifier prAEFm and competition of esports toAEF AsiaAEFmes fiAEFAEF AESF isAEF first Esports federationAEFintroduce a direct pathway, ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes, ’ whereby event titles selection and confirmation will bAEFcided by AESF and allow publishersAEFbeAEFt of an Olympic event such asAEF AsiaAEFmes.AEF campaign will begin in Hangzhou 20AEF and with AESFAEFcontinueAEF organization of Esports throughAEFNagoya 2026, Doha 2030 and beyond. This initiative will beAEF first of its kindAEFbring fair and equal opportunitiesAEFall publishers and advance esports developments not justAEFAsia, but worldwide.

With Esports making its debut as a medal event atAEF AsiaAEFmes, AEF AESF ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’ campaign will also extend beyondAEF competition scenes. This campaign will layAEF foundation in bringingAEF Olympic SpiritAEFesports and introduce an education prAEFm forAEFticipating Esports athletesAEFshareAEF Olympic Movement and Values not just in Asia, but globally. With plans forAEF promotion, sustainability and legacies underway, AEF emphasis will be on education and development in Esports.AEF key area of focus will be grassroots development, inclusion prAEFms, career pathways, health and wellbeing support, as well as athlete’s rights aAEFrotection.

The AESF is excitedAEFaccelerateAEF esports movement from competitive videoAEFing event into official sport event withAEFAEFticipation inAEF ContAEFtal Games.AEF AESF plansAEFinclude virtual and simulating sports toAEF ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’ and finals competition as a demonstration event, which will further encourage and expand esports scope from traditrecognizedes which are recognised as console, computer or mobile esportsAEFe events. This inclusion will also aimAEFencourage both sports and esports cAEFnityAEFengage in physical activity aAEFromotofficialesellbeing.

To officialiseAEFAEFtnership forAEF ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’ campaign andAEF confirmation onAEF rAEF & responsibilities of AESF, an official Signing Ceremony was held withAEF OCA Director General Dr. Husain A H Z Al-Musallam, OCA Director of SportAEF. Haider A H E Farman, AESF PresAEFt Mr. Kenneth Fok, and AESF Director General Mr. Sebastian Lau in attendance.

AnnouncingAEFAEFtnership, Director General of OCA Dr. Husain AHZ Al-Musallam said “It is a great pleasureAEFofficially announce ourAEFtnership between OCA and AESF forAEF new Esports prAEFm for our AsiaAEFmes and OCA will provide full support for successful EsportAEFents atAEF 19th AsiaAEFmes in Hangzhou, China. We AEFAEF bestAEFourAEFtner AESF onAEF journey ahead, ” he added.

In line with thisAEFtnership, AEF OCA reconfirms thatAEF AESF isAEF sole official governing body of esports in Asia and will be fully responsible for all technical aspect of esports competitions at AsiaAEFmes as well as any other OCA events.

“I would likeAEFexpress our sincere appreciation forAEF continuous support and trust fromAEF OCA. I believe thatAEF AsiaAEFmes presentsAEF best stage for usAEFscAEFnity, andValues with Esports cAEFnity and we aimAEFmake our Esports cAEFnities develop further through this opportunity. Also, we look forwardAEFa successful collaboration with OCA as well as LOC.” said Mr. DisclosingpAEF duringAEF signing.
Disclosing AESF’s role and responsibility, OCA Director of SportAEF. Haider A H E Farman added, “Leading up toAEF AsiaAEFmes, AEF Asian Electronic Sports Federation will haveAEF leading role and take full responsibility inAEF selection of esports titles in collaboration withAEF OCA. FromAEF qualifying rounds toAEF grand finals of each esportAEFent, rest assured thatAEF OCA and AESF, together with LOC will work hand-in-hand, ensuring successful esportAEFents forAEF 19th AsiaAEFmeAEFngzhou 2022.”

Mr. Sebastian Lau of AESF further conveyed his gratitude duringAEFAEFemony, “AsAEF Asian Federation, AEF AESF is honouredAEFbe organizingAEF esports qualifiers andAEF Technical Delegate forAEF upcoming AsiaAEFmes. We will start from Hangzhou, and I am looking forwardAEFexploring more opportunities together with all of you and makeAEF evolution of esports further in Nagoya 2026, Doha 2030 and beyond.”

More than just an EsportAEFent, AEF ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’ and finals atAEF 19th AsiaAEFmes exhibitsAEF growth of Esports from competitiveAEFing eventAEFan official sport event andAEF AESF, withAEF full support of OCA and LOC, will assureAEF most competitive and extraordinary esportAEFentAEFdate.

RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes Partnership Summary

Esports Event Title Selection
AESF will selectAEF esportAEFent titlesAEFbe contested forAEF qualifiers and finals atAEF 2022 AsiaAEFme and makeAEF final confirmation onAEF selected titles in collaboration withAEF OCA.

Eligibility and Participating Teams
Leading up toAEF 2022 AsiaAEFmes in Hangzhou, China, AEF AESF is responsible for AEFtifyingAEF finalists forAEFir respective esportAEFent titles through regional qualifiers asAEFt ofAEF ‘RoadAEFAsiaAEFmes’ competition campaign which will lead toAEF Final at 2022 AsiaAEFmes in Hangzhou, China.
Qualifiers and Finals
The AESF will formAEF qualifying and final tournament structure for all esportAEFents and conductAEF qualifiers for allAEFticipating Asian countries atAEF 2022 AsiaAEFmes in Hangzhou, China, in collaboration withAEF OCA.

CAEFnity Outreach PrAEFms
AsAEFt ofAEF AsiaAEFmes cAEFnity outreach, AESF will deliver and executeAEF AESF Experience PrAEFm with full support fromAEF OCA. AimingAEFconnect withAEF esports cAEFnity and fans alike, this prAEFm also aimsAEFdeliverAEF best Esports experience while also attracting new esports fans.

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