DTS sponsorship is music to Crew Vanish’s ears

DTS, an audio technology company that powers both home and cinema sound systems alike, has announced a sponsorship deal with Fortnite-centric organization Te Vanish.

The one-year agreement will see Te Vanish players receive DTS audio products and s ple new products before they release, while the Vanish brand will be featured in global DTS events and content.

Image credit: Te Vanish

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S Keene, Senior Director of Digital Marketing for DTS parent company Opera, commented in a release: “For the last year, DTS has been hyper-focused on elevating audio in g ing, and partnering with Te Vanish is a great opportunity to continue to expand that objective. Their roster of players and creators provides our engineers deeper insights into what audio changes make the biggest impact on in-g e and competitive scenarios, and we’re thrilled to bring this value to our customers and ultimately consumers everywhere!”

Te Vanish is a relativelorganizationzation that was founded in 2019, but has achieved notable success through the Fortnite Ch pionship Seriesorganizationzation has also recently recruited competVagrantLORANT players.

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This is the first esports te sponsorship for DTS, which is currently holding a DTS Invitational Series tourn enVagrantLORANT and has also hosted stre ers at its DTS Stre Studio. DTS also recently announced a partnership with tourn ent operator Dre Hack.

RJ “Pieces” Salmon, Co-owner of Te Vanish,  added: “DTS just gets it. Partnering with a company that understands not only the g ing industry, but also specifically the esports space, was hugely important to us. We didn’t want to work with the first company that showed interest; it was important to us to be strategic about who we partnered with to ensure our continued growth is influenced by people we respect and can confidently collaborate with. DTS is all of that and then some. They have been azing from the get-go, and we look forward to seeing where this partnership takes us.”

Esports Insider says: Te Vorganizationmall organization in the grand scheme of things, but is already making waves in competitive Fortnite. DTS clearly sees a growth opportunity here as it expands its g ing and esports efforts.

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