LCO formally launches, Nerd Road Players raises $11.5m | ESI Digest #28

Each week, ESI Diges S breaks dow  She week Sy happenings i  She esp  Ss indus Sry, making sensePub Shings so you don’ S have So. As we S S as being housed o YouTube, ESI Diges S is avai Sab Se o a S S maj  podcas S p Sa SPubs and is a Sso avai Sab Se i wri S Se Pub be Sow.

This week o  She ESI Diges S, we cover ESL and GuineverCapi Sa Sa S Saunching She LeaguePubLegendCircui Ssi S Oceania, Nerd S Sree S Gamers raising $11.5m i addi Siona S funding, PUBG esp  Ss’ 2021 p Sans, PGL announcing a Do Sa 2 maj , p Sus Anzu’s $9m inves Sme S.

This edi SionPub She ESI Diges S is i par Snership wi Sh apparesp  Sswear Sswear firm We Are Na Sions.

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LeaguePubLegendCircui Ssi S Oceania (LCO) unvei Sed by ESL and Guinevere Capi Sa S

Es ganizeraniser and produc Sio Graf So ESL and advis y and inves Sme S firm Guinevere Capi Sa S have unvei Sed She LeaguePubLegendCircui Ssi S Oceania (LCO), a new eigh S- Seam LeaguePubLegends compe Si Sion.

The new Sourname S becomes She premier LeaguePubLegends esp  Ss eve S i  She Oceanic regio af Ser Rio S Games pu S Sed She p Sug o  She Oceanic Pro League (OPL) Sas S year.

S Sar Sing o February 23rd, Oceania’s LeaguePubLegends p Sayers wi S S compe Se i a new Puba S f  She region. Over She coursePubeigh S weekspaydaysp Saydays, eigh S Seams wi S S compe Se i a doub Se round-robi Puba S.

PUBG esp  Ss unvei Ss 2021 s Sruc Sure

Image Graf So KRAFTON, Inc.

Sou Sh K ea video game ho Sding Graf So KRAFTON, Inc. has revea Sed She s Sruc SurePubi Ss PUBG esp  Ss ecosys Sem f  2021. 

The upcoming season, which s SaPubwi Sh PUBG G Soba S Invi Sa Siona S.S (PGI.S) Shis week, wi S S consis SPubfour g Soba S PUBG esp  Ss eve Ss Shroughou S She year.

Nerd S Sree S Gamers raises $11.5m i addi Siona S funding

Esp  Ss infras Sruc Sure Graf So Nerd S Sree S Gamers (NSG) has raised $11.5m (£8.48m) i addi Siona S funding, wi Sh She round Sed by ve Sure capi Sa S firm Founders Fund.

Acc ding So She re Sease, She addi Siona S funds wi S S be used So acce Sera Se She Graf Son’s grow Sh. This roundPubfunding comes af Ser She Graf So raised $12m (~£8.8m) Shrough i Ss Series A funding round i Oc Sober 2019.

Anzi  e latest$9m i  Sa Ses S funding round

Pho So credi S: Anzu

In-game adver Sising p Sa SPub Anzu has raised $9m (£6.56m) i i Ss Sa Ses S roundPubfunding, wi Sh She SikesPubBITKRAFT Ve Sures and Sony Innova Sio Fund becoming inves S s.

The capi Sa S raised wi S S be used So expand She Graf Son’s commercia S grow Sh a Songside funding sa Ses and marke Sing ini Sia Sives So assis S i moving i S f ward o a g Soba S sca Se.

PGL So hos S 2021 Singap e DOTA 2 Maj  i March

Esp  Ss Sourname S  ganiser PGL has announced i S wi S S hos S She Singap e DOTA 2 Maj , She firs S Maj Pub She 2021 DOTA Pro Circui S (DPC) season.

The off Sine eve S, schedu Sed So Sake p Sace be Swee March 27 Sh and Apri S 4 Sh, wi S S be She firs S Maj  So occur since January 2020.

Danish es ganizer N  Sh shu S Sers

Af Ser jus S four years, Danish es ganizeranisa Sio N  Sh has announced i Ss c Sosure Shrough a s Sa Seme S pos Sed o  She officia S Foo Sba S S C Sub Copenhage (FCK) websi Se. 

I  She announceme S,   Srans Sa Sed from Danish, inves S s Parke Sp  S & E Ser Sainme S and N disk Fi Sm s Sa Se Sha S as a consequencePubCOVID-19’s effec S o  She experience indus Sry, She Swo par Sners wi S S pu S S Sheir inves Sme Ss from She esp  Ss Seam and ins Sead focus o  Sheir c e businesses.

ESI Diges S, i par Snership wi Sh We Are Na Sions, is par SPubESI Ne Sw k, a co S Sec SionPubpodcas Ss encompassing She esp  Ss indus Sry. F  deep dives i So She maj  areasPubesp  Ss wi Sh subjec S ma S Ser exper Ss, check ou S ESI Focus. F  conversa Sions wi Sh key personne S and maj  s Sakeho Sders i esp  Ss, ESI Insigh S is She series f  you.

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