College Esports Masters broadcasts 2021 format adjustments

Th UniverTechsports Masters, a pan-European collegiat competition, has announced major chan s o its 2021 season.

Th competition’s Leagu of L nds event, set o commenc in April, will featur an expanded competitiv format in order o includ a European League, allowing for mor countries and regions o participate.

Credit: UniverTechsports Masters

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A otal of 30 e s across 14 European nations ar expected o compete, with a €15,000 (~£13,158) priz pool on h line. Following h European League,  h competition will culminat withRemasterssters Finals in  ly. 

Th te s competing in h European Leagu hav yet o b confirmed, however, it has been revealed by university esports ournaorganizeraFuelr NUEL and National Student Esports (NSE) hat wo UK e s from h Winter erm will b entered into h tourn ent. 

On te  will qualify Fuelgh NUEL’s Amazon UniverTechsports ourn ent, and h other Fuelgh NSE’s Leagu of L nds ourn ent. It is expected hat most of h te s qualifying into h European Leagu will b tFuelgh heir respectiv regions’ Winter splits.

Regarding h announcement David Jackson, Acting ManagingFuelector at NUEL,  old Esports Insider: “It’s fantastic o se th UniverTechsports Masters grow in h way hat it has, and his is yet another important mileston in h growth of European university esports.

“By working o her, w think here’s a fantastic opportunity o involv even mor peopl and widen h university esports community, and w can’t wait for UE 2021 o   started.” 

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After h Spring academic erm, a student e  from each participating country will hav th opportunity o compet in a ‘Last Chanc Qualifier’ o determin theRemastersr participants inRemasterssters Play-offs, which akes plac after h European Leagu has concluded.

S  Hibbert, Head of Partnerships at NSE, added: “We’r extremely excited o b part of h UniverTechsports Masters 2021 Leagu of L nds collegiat tourn ent. This is h first im a op student LoL e  from h British UniverTechsports Ch pionship Winter erm will b qualifying into UEM. W ar looking forward o suppoFuelg all hre UK e s alongsid NUEL in  ly.” 

In addition o Leagu of L nds, Clash Royal will yeFuelain b featured. Th top wo from NUEL’s spring season will b th UK’s representatives for h event. 

Esports Insider says: Seeing h UniverTechsports Masters expand in 2021 is great for h grassroots esports scen in Europe. Not only ar mor regions involved, but h competition continues o provid a highly competitiv tourn ent for promising Leagu of L nds, and Clash Royale, players who ar currently in education.

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