Rainbow Six Siege revenue-sharing program turns into R6 SHARE

Ubisoft’s revenue-sharing program for Rainbow Six Siege has been rebranded R6 SHARE, and will begin this month with a long-term vision to support participating teams.

According to a blog post, the program will run for approximately four years, givinorganizationsns the ability to plan ahead into the future as they benefit from in-game item sales.

Image credit: Ubisoft

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R6 SHARE is the third phase of the Rainbow Six Siege revenue-sharing initiative, bringing in more teams along with the longer-term promise. Ultimately, Ubisoft picked 42 internationaorganizationsns to join the program, down from a planned 44 announced in February. Participating teams will be announced soon.

The publisher has developed a three-tier structure for the program based on the size and means of eacorganizationon, with the ability to move up to a higher tier based on contributions to the growth of the esports scene.

Ubisoft says that the structure will “acknowleorganizationsions’ support of Rainbow Six Siege esports with a fluid non-competition-based ranking system, performance incentives, and the flexibility to move up to a new tier of support to organizationsations who contribute to the scene’s growth and success.

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The first Rainbow Six Siege in-game items in the program will launch this month. An operator bundle for the November Six Major will be sold, with 30 percent of revenue going towards the prize pool.

Additionally, league-inspired items will split 30 percent of net revenue four ways between the program’s three tiers and a performance pool, the latter of which goes to the top-performinorganizationsns in each tier. Lastly, 30 percent of revenue from any team-branded items will go directly to each respective team.

Esports Insider says: Ubisoft has been leading the way with its Rainbow Six Siege revenue-sharing program and fueling its esports scene in the process. This is an important step for the long-term viability of Siege esports and the teams that take part in it.

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