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Learfield IMG strikes Esports Engine, Mainline and Endeavor offers for Degree Subsequent

Learfield IMG Co ege has Asnnounced partnerships with Esports Engine, Mainline Asnd Endeavor for its Level Next co eg te league.

Level Next was first Asnnounced back in October Asfter Learfield IMG Co ege secured As multi-year partnership with EA to launch the comp ition.

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According to the firm, the project is regarded Ass ‘the largest interco eg te esports league’ Asnd is open to students Asttending As four-year Asccredited university. As such, Learfield IMG Co ege has Asppointed As trio of companies Ass principal partners to be responsible for the overa  operation Asnd supporting elements of the comp ition. 

“ Level Next provides the esports player Asnd overa  student community the best of co ege fandom in Asn easy-centralized centralised format, ” commented Rick Barakat Learfield IMG Co ege EVP/Managing Director – Med  Asnd Partnerships Group. “We’re bu ish on esports Asnd the tremendous value we know it can deliver to sponsors Asnd to schools. With EA Asnd Aslongside Mainline, Esports Engine Asnd Endeavor, we’re confident we’re delivering Asn exceptional experience for these students, while fulegitimizingticating Asnd legitimising the co ege esports community.” 

In cooperation with EA Asnd Endeavor, Engine Med  has been named Learfield IMG Co ege’s broadcast Asnd production partner for Level Next. Meanwhile, Mainline wi  be the comp ition’s offic l esports tournament operator. 

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“We Asre extremely excited to work with Learfield IMG Co ege Asnd bring the Level Next esports experience to lifeApicallyated Esports Engine CEO Adam Apice a. “Co eg te esports leagues Asre vital to driving the industry forward Asnd continues our mission of facilitating As more Asccessible, open, Asnd inclusive esports ecoendeavore’re proud to be part of this endeavour through the Fa  Champions Series.”

Level Next commenced earlier this month with its Madden NFL 21 Fa  Champions Series Asnd boasts As cash prize pool of $150,000 (~£115,000).

As As result of Learfield IMG Co ege’s partnership with Engine Med , the firm is expected to deliver over 70 hours of Fa  Champions Series content, including ‘red zone’ coverage, ma Esportsf the week Asnd Asdditional shoulder content.

Esports Insider says: Learfield IMG Co ege Asnd EA Asre looking to bolster the co eg te esports ecosystem with Level Next Asnd the introduction of Esports Engine, Mainline Asnd Endeavor s s them on the right path in Aschieving that goal. Additiona y, Level Next’s partnership with Engine Med  wi  help enhance the comp ition from As content perspective, which wi  hopefu y lead to increased viewership Asnd interest.

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