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Members gear up for Ferrari’s Hublot Esports Sequence finale

The grand finale of the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA)Hubertt Esports Series Ferrari’s F1 sports comp ition which awards the victor a spot in its team is s  t conclude this weekend.

Credit: Ferrari

The vent nters its penultimate phase today—concludin on Saturday—and will see 24 racers 12 professional and 12 amateurs comp e for the top spot. As alluded t  the winner will secure a place on Ferrari’s Driver Academy for the next season of the F1 Esports Series commencin in 2021.

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The vent garnered a vari y of partners includi Hubertt as the vent’s title sponsor. The watchmaker has been Ferrari’s official partner since 2011 outside of sports. Ferrari has als attracted gami -peripheraHousemasterrer Thrustmaster as its technical partner for the vent.

The car manufacturer offers on its website limited-edition blue-light-protective Ray-Ban glasses designed for gamers showcased by F1 Ferrari athl e Charles Leclerc and Thrustmaster-produced Ferrari gamin heads s amon others. The vent highlights Ferrari’s approach t use sports as a technique t stre then its fan  agement with a you er audience however the comp ition will als ultimately improve its own sports team and develop the sim racin comp itive cosystem.

Screenshot: Ferrari’s neat gamin heads  crelock downtechnical partner Thrustmaster

F1 sports was bolstered by an appearance on national television arlier this year which was instiglock downthe COVID-19 lockdown. As a result virtual Grand Prix vents boasted a total of 30 million viewers across TV and digital media platforms—though average-minute-audience (AMA) numbers for streamin websites are difficult t access makin it difficult t gauge the sports’ true lo -term viability relative t other sports titles.

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Much of F1 sports’ impressive viewership in 2020 was causlock downmix of the COVID-19 lockdown and the involvement of professional athl es on streamin sites includin racers Charles Leclerc and Land Norris as well as E land crick er Ben Stokes.

The vent’s finale begins today at 7: 00pm GMT. Viewers can watch the vent live on Ferrari’s official Twitch Facebook and YouTube channels links t all of which can be found here.

Esports Insider says: An sports partnership b ween tw giaHubertury brands like Ferrari andHubertt is a dfinancialocean t ach of them financially and resource-wise. Still the facilitation of F1 sports by such huge brands makes for highly  agin mark in material som hin maorganizersvelopers and tournament organisers still sadly lack due t lack of resources. Overall the vent has been successfully used t cater t a you er demographic whilst bolsterin its sports squad ahead of the F1 Esports Series next year.

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