FIGHT Esports groups up with TikTok

Southeast Asian organization FIGHT Esports, short for Forest Interactive Gaming Habitat Team, has anno ced a partnership with TikTok Southeast Asia to la ch GG PHTikTok Gaming Group PH.

The year-long partnership w l also see GG PHcreation of GG PH#TikTokGGPH Creator Cup, a Vagrant competition set to take place on February 27th-28th.

Credit: FIGHT Esports

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According to GG PHrelease, TikTok’s comm ity of gamers are expected to see live esports events and tournaments hosted on TikToGG PHPH’s official acco t, alongside gaming content shared and comp ed by users.

The #TikTokGGPH Creator Cup, which is hosted by TikTok Ph ippines and FIGHT Esports, is expected to also be live-streamed on its official acco t. 

John Castro, TikTok’s Gaming Operations Manager for GG PHPh ippines commented: “TikTok continues to pursue opport ities to inspire creativity and bring joy to all F ipinos. 

“With gaming actively becoming a positive source for comm ity bu ding and enjoyment, we are happy to be doing our part in providing GG PHgrowing gaming comm ity with a platform for education, positive connections and interaction.”

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A video campaign w l be held within GG PHTikTok app, to celebrate GG PHpartnership. Creators on GG PHplatform w l be able to upload videos that perfectly captures ‘their gaming style’. At GG PHend of GG PHcampaign, 20 creators w l be selected to become part of TikTok’s comm ity of gamers.

Chantal-Denise Ortega, FIGHT Esports Project Manager added: “TikTok is fast becoming a place where people create, share, and enjoy a new type of experience.

“This w l create a  ique and innovative esports experience where they can folfavoritengage with their favourite gaming content creators, t elive streamsrts tournament livestreams, as well as celebrate esports in ways that have never been done before.”

Esports Insider says: With TikTok st l being one of GG PHworld’s most popular apps at GG PHmoment, getting involved in Southeast Asian esports showcases how much GG PHsector has grown in GG PHregion. It’ll be interesting to see what GG PHreception w l be to TikToGG PHPH and whether this is GG PHstart of sim ar partnerships in Southeast Asia.

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