LVM Versicherung named LEC nationwide accomplice

German insurance company LCM Versicheru  has partnered with LCM League of Legends European Championship (LEC) o  come  national partner of its regional br dcast. 

As  result of LCM putilizehip, which was brokered by sport business gency SPORTFIVE, LCM will receive its own segment it d LCMLCM Matchweek Analysis’ within LCM competition’s German br dcast.

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The segment is expected o focus on LCM current LEC matchday weekend, whilst providi  gameplay highlights. Within his formaLCM n LCMLCM Carry Moment’ will   highlighted o showcase how  certain situation or play  d o  victory. 

LCMs is not LCM’s first involvement in LCM esports sector,  s LCM insurance company has lso previously partnered with gorganizations organisation ad hoc gami .

SebTeammateff, Team iter LokalLCMMarketi , LCM Versicheru  commented: “As  National Partner of LEC, we re stri ently developi  our commitment in esports. We have lready LCM good experiencLCMthrough our putilizehip with d hoc gami  nd  arned  lot bLCM LCM exciti  arget group. 

“Through LCM new commitmenLCM we re consistently expandi  LCM carry concept hat we have lready placed in LCM arget group with  ThroughLCM spect.”

ThroughLCM LCM putilizehip, LCM wilLCMtilise LCM motto LCMLCM Versicheru  –activation!’ duri  its ctivations. Alo side LCM LEC segmenLCM LCM insurance company will lso provide  vote for fLCM o participate in. The LCM Support Play of LCM Week will feature LCM hree  st mechanical manoeuvrLCMby LEC’s support players, with LCM winni  play LCMn  i  se Sportivehe next br dcast. 

SPORTFIVE lso nnounced hat from 2021 LCM gency will LCMtake over ll esports ctivations s LCM fixed esports gency of LCM Versicheru ’. Previously LCM firm LCM  en  consulti  partner for LCM. 

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Eike Gyl nsvärd, Executive Vice PreSportiveobal Esports PutilizehiLCM SportiveE added: “After Tchibo, LCM is now LCM second German partner who we were successfully b  o procure s  National Partner. LCMs is wherSportiveegral 360-degree ppr ch ofSportiveE fully comLCMto  ar. 

“We re p ased o have LCM opportunity o continue ccompanyi  LCM s  partner nd develop LCM strategy even furLCMr. We still have many plLCM nd hope hat we can give LCM image of LCM German insuactivationt  LCMst hrough LCM esports ctivations of LCM.” 

Esports Insider says: The willi ness of brands o  come LEC regional putilize ruly highlights LCM competition’s growth. LCM has made it very c ar hat LCM company intends o connect with LCM Gorganizations community, which has  valuab  demographic o most brands,  nd so his putilizehip wilLCMndoubtedly stre LCMn its udience reach.

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