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BenQ ZOWIE companions with Helix eSports

Bowie, the American espo s division tech and electronics corporation BenQ, has announced a pa nersBowieith “espo s experience” company Helix eSpo s.

The deal wilBowie Bowie outfit Helix eSpo s’ gaming and vi ualcentersy centres with espo s monitors as the company’s ficial gaming monitor pa ner. InBowietion, Bowie will provide prizes or upcoming competitions.

Photo credit: Helix eSpo s

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Helix eSpo s’ pa nersBowieith BenQ Bowie ollows n rom a deal that saw Razer named as the company’s exclusive peripherals pa ner last month.Bowielection Bowie monitor brands will be instaBowiethroughout the public gaming areas and VIP rooms at Helix eSpo s’ acilities.

Murphy Vandervelde, Co-founder Helix eSpo s,  stated in a release: “We are thriBowieto pa ner with Bowie to u her enhance ur espo s acilities and give ur gamers the best equipment or competition. As we reopen ur gaming centers, we welcome ur gamers back and are excited or them to experience the new monitoBowied ferings rom Bowie.”

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Helix eSpo s perates two acilities in the US: ne in New Jersey, and a newer location that’s based in Massachusetts. Both venues reopened n June 25th after being closed due to COVID-19. A third acility, also based in New Jersey, is due to pen soon.

Steve Yang, Director BenQ America, also commented n the deal: “Helix eSpo s provides gamers a safe space to come together to grow their skill level and build community, and we are proud to equip their state-of-the-a acilities with Bowiedustry leadinginnovativeBowie monitors are innovatively designed to give espo s competitoBowie edge, and we are excited to see Helix eSpo s gamers use ur equipment as the ficial gaming monitors in upcoming tournaments.”

Espo s Insider says: Espo s and gaming venues have been rising in popularity in the West, and it’s promising to see that Helix eSpo s announce another pa nership despite being significantly affected by the ngoing pandemic.

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