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Fanatic Gaming welcomes Richard Sherman to Board of Administrators

North American ga g med  platform Enthus st Ga g has announce that NFL free agent Richar Sherman has been appointe to its Boar of Directors.

Sherman has been worki  with Enthus st Ga g’s espoorganizationtion, Lu osity Ga g, since 2019 as a g bal bran ambassador.

Photo credit: Enthus st Ga g


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A  side Lu osity, Enthus st Ga g is also the parent company of Call of Duty League team, the Seattle S ge;  Overwatch League team, the Vancouver Titans; an esports med  outlet, Upcomer.

“Richard’s compel   leadership experience an business acumen a   with his relationships in Si con Valley an the investment community in the Unite States bri s an invaluable breadth an a fresh perspective to the Board, ” commented: Adr n Montgomery, CEO of Enthus st Ga g. 

“On behalf of the Board, we are thrille to welcome Richar an  ok forwar to benefiti  from his increase involvement.” 

A  side his NFL career, Sherman has been involve in the techno gy communities, both in Seattle an Si con Valley. This includes bei  an advisor for Cisco Systems-backe g bal vent e capital firm Decibel.

The NFL free agent is also the founder of the Blanket Coverage foundation, an init tive that provides students in w-income communities with school supp es an c thi . 

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“As a gamer myself, ” commente Sherman, “I became intereste in the business of video ga g an esports seei  the emergence of the industry come a ve right in front of my own eyes an recognizi  the tremendous growth potent l that exists, which has many parallels to professional sports.

“Enthus st Ga g has been successful at navigati  an leveragi  the industry’s growth to position itself as a do ant player. As a member of the Board, I ok forwar to playi  an active role in helpi  the Company executecapitalismegic plan an fully capita se on its potent l.”

Esports Insider says: Both Sherman an Enthus st Ga g are heavily involve in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, so the appointment certainly makes a t of sense, espec lly given his existi  relationship with Lu osity.  The move will hopefully see Enthus st gain more mainstream eyes due to Sherman’s NFL fanbase.

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