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Who We Are

ESports Primo is your one-stop blog for anything and everything you would need regarding eSports. The company was founded in 2019 and operates from a small village in Nebraska, Cordova.

Our Goal

ESports Primo aims to uplift the eSports industry and be the leading online publication for any and all updates regarding eSports. Being the primary and comprehensive news source for anything related to eSports is our primary goal.

Our Story

“What can we do to uplift eSports and the entire eSports industry and help people consider it as a serious sport?” This was the question that we asked ourselves before even considering starting ESports Primo. What began as a conversation in passing while playing videogames with friends, eventually bore fruit to a fantastic idea and concept that would become what ESports Primo is today.

Once we were all able to sit down and actually consider everything, we laid out a plan on how to actually make this all happen. We decided that creating a reputable publication dedicated only to eSports would be one of the best ways. This would mean that we would be releasing quality content created by gamers for everyone. We also wanted this to be as comprehensive as possible. We would be able to achieve this by not only reporting on eSports events and eSports Betting Tips but also including significant companies and players involved in the industry.

Where We Are Now

Currently, ESports Primo boasts an extensive coverage of specialized news and updates in the eSports industry.

In order to ensure that we would reach audiences as far as we could without compromising our content, we segregated our website and tagged articles accordingly.


Under our News segment of the website, we have the following

  • Gambling
  • Investments, Mergers, and Acquisitions
  • Legal
  • Media Rights
  • Partnerships and Sponsorships
  • Personnel

Under Gambling, we discuss insightful tips, information, and news that would be helpful for the new and wonderful world of gambling eSports. In this section, we aim to inform you and give you a better chance and understating for odds on upcoming major, and sometimes even minor, eSports events. Every now and then, we may also discuss how some companies and teams are making decisions that may also gamble with their future.

Under Investments, Mergers, and Acquisitions, we post updates that would be more tailored to business-oriented people. Here, we tackle topics that talk about companies, teams and major players in the eSports industry. As the title says, any significant investments, mergers, and acquisitions done in the eSports world will definitely be covered here.

In Legal, we discuss any and all legal disputes in the eSports industry. This section will include controversies, cheating, and any malicious action that will be brought up to court. We will follow stories and update you as soon as possible. We will also be covering international news.

For Media Rights, we at ESports Primo will talk about international broadcasting and media rights for major events, teams, and everything else concerned with how we will broadcast eSports events. We all know how new eSports is, and we also know how rapidly it is growing. The exponential gain of spectators, competitors, and big companies joining in is no surprise for the exciting and competitive industry of eSports. Given all the traction, media rights would definitely be a hot topic for the first few years. Spectators and fans will want to know how to watch and where to watch.

When it comes to the modern world now, nothing excites people quite like the word “collaboration.” Under Partnerships and Sponsorships, we will be discussing significant partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations that will affect or have anything to do with the eSports industry. Be prepared to see updates on your possible favorite companies, teams, or players, from any sport or industry, in the world. Nothing quite excites us like seeing great creative minds work together.

We owe a lot of what the eSports industry is today to numerous people who have dedicated their lives and careers to make sure that we have the quality, technology, and production value we would need to make all these fantastic and awesome events really happen. In Personnel, we post updates about all the people involved in any company in the eSports industry. Keep posted to see whom we have to thank for events, games, and sometimes even managing teams.


Under our eSports section, we will provide you with hot and trending news and updates in the industry. Stay tuned on this section for all the latest news!


Under our games section, we grouped all the competitive games by category, and each will lead you to articles and updated exclusively for the respective games.

These are the games and categories that we have covered so far:

  • Battle Royale
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • Sports Simulation
  • Collectible Card Games
  • Fighting Game Community (FGC)
  • Mobile
  • Shooters

Battle Royale is a game that concentrates mainly on one thing; survival. It’s an online multiplayer videogame that incorporates, exploration, survival, and scavenging. The games in this genre usually follow similar formats wherein a handful to hundreds of players enter the game at the same time but different points in the map and progresses until there is one last man or team standing. Sometimes, there would also be random powerful weapons that would drop from the sky or placed in different areas on the map. Games also include a concept where the playable area in the map would grow smaller and smaller at specific points in the game, reducing the game’s “safe zone.” Some of the Battle Royale games we currently cover are Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or more commonly known as MOBA, is a game is now a mainstream genre of its own that started out as a sub-genre of real-time strategy games (RTS). In RTS games, the player controls an army and builds defenses and armies strong enough to beat their opponent. These games did not follow the usual turn-based format, which was more prevalent back then, and had players upgrade, build, and train as fast as they could to beat their opponent. As opposed to controlling an entire army, in MOBA games, you control a single character or hero as part of a team of 5 to strategically beat their opponent and take over their base by advancing through the map. Each character usually has different special skills and stats. Combinations of different characters and how you use them would be vital for victory in this game. Some of the MOBA games we currently report on are Defense of the Ancients 2 (or DotA 2), League of Legends (or LoL), and SMITE.

Sports Simulation games are games that are pretty much explained by the genre title. It is no mystery that major sports leagues are a big deal internationally. We have leagues such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, FIFA, Formula One, and many more. Each league has millions of fans from all over the world that follow each and every game. These games are catered to these fans that want to play as their favorite athletes or even create their own athlete who would be able to play besides those athletes in the game. Aside from major leagues, there are also games that simulate sports such as skateboarding, mixed martial arts, wrestling, BMX, fishing, snowboarding, and pro cycling, to name a few. If there’s a physical sport with rules and everything, chances are, there is a videogame equivalent out there. We even have multiple companies releasing their own versions of the same sport or league. Some sports simulator franchises are NBA 2K, NBA Live, MADDEN, FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, WWE 2K, MLB The Show, and many more.

Collectible Card Games are games wherein you use a customizable deck of cards with different characters, effects, and abilities to best another player in a game of strategy. Each game follows its own rules and has their own cards, merchandise, and even lore. Some of the more famous physical collectable card games are Magic The Gathering, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Yu Gi Oh, Key Forge, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and Sorcerer. Some of these games have found themselves on the digital platform, but some of the more famous digital collectable card games are Hearthstone, Gwent, The Elder Scrolls Legends, and all of the Magic The Gathering video games. ESports Primo is currently covering news on Hearthstone and Magic The Gathering.

Fighting Game Community, or more commonly known as FGC, is a community for any and all fighting games. FGC basically covers games wherein you have multiple characters you can choose from to go into close one-on-one combat with another player in a stage where there are usually rules and boundaries set for you to take advantage of. Your objective is to land enough hits to damage your opponent until their health bar runs out. You may also usually win by using the move sets to force your opponent to fall off the stage or maintain a higher life percentage until the time runs out. Fighting games often make use of minor attacks, combos, special techniques and abilities, and super attacks that are only usable after building up a meter that increases when you receive damage or land hits on your opponent. Some of the more famous fighting game franchises are Street Fighter, Tekken, Marvel versus Capcom, Soul Calibur, Super Smash Bros., Dead or Alive, and more recently, Dragon Ball FighterZ. There are plenty more fighting games wherein people participate competitively though.

Mobile games are all about the platform. Any and all competitive videogames that can be played on the go are considered mobile. Technology has rapidly been improving, and now we have enough power in our phones and portable consoles to actually play with hundreds to thousands of people at the same time. Due to the emergence of mobile games, some more prominent developers were able to chime in and create a lot of amazing mobile games that we can all play and enjoy competitively. Some of the more famous mobile games are Vainglory, Clash Royale, Mobile Legends, Honor of Kings, and Arena of Valor. There thousands of games on the mobile platform as well that are each tailored to different preferences.

Shooters are first-person shooter games where you play games in the first-person view, meaning you are viewing the game from the eyes of the character. In some games, they shift to a third-person perspective, though. In shooters, it is all about mastery of controls, speed, reflexes, and overall spatial awareness. The Shooter genre started out as a single-player game wherein you play or engage against computer-controlled enemies. It slowly evolved and started entertain multiplayer co-operative gameplay. Later on, they were able to release shooters where players could play against each other in a single map. Players usually utilize different long-range weapons and sometimes, also use a variety of melee weapons. The games we cover are Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Gears of War, Halo, Overwatch, Paladins, Quake, and Rainbow Six Siege.


In this section, we go one-on-one with teams, players, fans, and industry players to get their opinions and facts on the latest news in the eSports industry. Check out this page to see hot, trending, and, more importantly, exclusive interviews from people in the eSports industry.


We know how hard it is to look for country specific news in a platform that covers all events internationally. We created this section of the website to help you view our content by segregating our news to different markets. As of the moment, we have segregated it by major geographical areas where eSports is big. You can view new from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, or the United Kingdom.

We here at ESports Primo are more than excited to have you join us in our journey to bring up eSports to its rightful place in competitive sports. Stay tuned and we can not wait to engage with you!

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